Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

The purpose of Ultrasonic Test inspection is to identify columns that have been hit and suffered physical mechanical damage and deformation, as well as the onset of corrosion areas caused either by flaking of paint or failed metal coatings, which could result in the onset of serious corrosion. Such an inspection will also pick up cracking from known weakness zones in similar types of columns.

From the initial request for column inspection the following procedures will apply:
• Written method of column assessment
• Ultrasonic Testing data sheets
• Digitally recorded images

This information can be relayed back to our office electronically where the data will be collated and emailed to the customer followed by hard copy.

These three procedures will provide the basis for customer consideration to assess
and evaluate the condition of public lighting columns.

From the data provided this will give an understanding of column condition at a given time and when used in conjunction with established public lighting maintenance programs will assist in building a reliable overview of corrosion and deterioration of columns.